Abyss Attack - Credits

Design & Development - Deep Byte Studios

Cristian Tota: Game Design, Programming, Creatures Design & Graphics
Horatiu Haida: UI & Submarines Concept & Execution
Adic Vangheli: UI & Plugins Programming
Cosmin Mirza: Sound Design, Music Remix

Publisher - Chillingo

Andy Kearney: Producer


Composed by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). Songs used in the game (remixed): All This, Epic Unease, Fire Prelude, Heavy Interlude, Truth of the Legend, Living Voyage, Frozen Star, Air Prelude, Hypnothis, Lasting Hope, Serpentine Trek, Willow and the Light. Songs used in the trailer: Mistake the Getaway, Tranquility


Gulim-Korean (cooltext.com), Unicorn (dafont.com), UnYetgul-Korean (wazu.jp), Raspoutine (dafont.com)


From Freesound.org ('sound name' by 'user'): st-money3 by stereostereo, jacobs-ladder-006 by dj-chronos, refrigerator01 by fonogeno, the-chime by zeuss, u-chimes3 & u-chimes-short1 by BristolStories, buttonchime02up by JustinBW, welding by engreitz, welding-torch by Razzvio, robot_factory by parabolix, medlas by inferno, creepy-sonar-synths by Korbea, effect-1 by sound-master, condomrocket by weebrian, btn103 by junggle, bamf & coins2 by themfish, thunder-rumbling-underwater-outdoors-thunder-rumbling by carroll27, flamewind by scarbelly25, overheadexplosion by noirenex, win1 by pierrecartoons1979, sub-ping-half-speed by plivesey, Mystery_Bend_Loop_3 by seeyouinsleep, shields1 by PhreaKsAccount, rhino-04 by patchen, sfx-submerge by Perel, parkinggarageunderwater by NoiseCollector, uro-shwe by uro, refrigerator01 by fonogeno, water by neonaeon, underwater-loop-120bpm by thatjeffcarter, md09-1 by lsprice, conxiadora by galeku, amy-breaking-ice by Corsica_S, the-crash by sandyrb, grenade by ljudman, Till_With_Bell by Benboncan, Space_Title_SFX by mattpavone, underwater & v41d by Setuniman, lowerguncock by woodmoose, wendywater2minheel by scratchikken, jals by corsica-s, stone-on-stone by thanvannispen, celestial-temple by jobro, annulet-of-absorption by cosmicd, f016ms-3-3 by zombieknobtwiddler


- Textures by Patrick Hoesly (www.flickr.com/photos/zooboing): 489 Lava Texture, 420 Christmas Tree Texture, 623 Caramel Checkers
- Seamless Texture, 809 Briar Patch Pattern, 002 Cells Texture
- Texture by John Wordsworth (http://www.ironstarmedia.co.uk/2009/12/free-game-assets-02-sprites-for-particle-effects/)

Game Engine


Thanks To

Cosmin Neagu, Marius David, Daniel Vizman